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Tesco Goes Green 

Mr. Hjaltason inspired the leaders and managers of Tesco Headquarters in London and Shanghai to go "GREEN" by switching from fluorescent lamps to LED interior lighting.


Tesco is among the 10 largest supermarket chains in the world.


Mr. Hjaltason provided Tesco with an energy savings plan, that would save Tesco millions of dollars per year.    


The challenge: To replace all T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes with equivalent LED tubes, with no loss of LUX / Foot Candles measured illumination at floor level. 


Mr. Hjaltason and partners produced all LED tubes in Beijing and subsequently managed installations of the first 6 stores in Shanghai and Beijing.


Mr. Hjaltason hired U-Tron engineering and Jili Electronic out of Beijing as partners for these projects. 


These initial projects would consequently lead to a shift of TESCO's lighting strategy for all their stores in the future.

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