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GB-1993 Scotland Best Branding
Gold - Best Brand 1996

Gold - Best Branding 1998-1999
Design of the Times Awards
Gold (2007)– Miller Lite S P
Gold (2007) – Miller Chill
Silver (2008) – Grolsch
Silver (2008) – MGD Guitar
Bronze (2006) – MGD

Bronze (2008) – Miller Lite Aero
OMA Awards Best Branding
Gold (2009) – MGD Guitar
Bronze (2007) – MGD Aero
Addy Awards

Gold – Leinenkugel’s
SGIA Awards

Silver – Leinenkugel’s




US Patent 5009019

US Patent 5414947

US Patent 5682697

US Patent 5788548

US Patent 5829177

US Patent 6131322

US Patent 6240664

US Patent 10168042

US Patent 11034493


Euro LED Lighting 2011

(Birmingham - England)

Guest Speaker

China Daily 2010 Article

China Labor Union Newspaper 2010 - Article

LED Magazine Online 2010- Article

Philips Projects Video Launch 2011 - Testimonial

Promotion Philips Project

Brochure Launch 2011 - Testimonial

POP Design Time 1996 Front Page Article

POP Design Times 2006 Front Page Article

Surface Magazine China 2011 Article

Butikk Magazine Norway- Article

Werbetechnik Magazine Germany - Article

Today Magazine India - Article


Founder of the IQ Group and Artlite Group of Companies. 


An Icelandic entrepreneur, multiple award-winning designer and inventor who, with his cutting-edge design and technology innovations, has impacted several industries within LED Illumination Technology, Interior and Exterior Architectural Lighting, and Point of Purchase Advertising. Thor's innovative products and designs have sold in millions of units world-wide.  

Consulted large and publicly traded LED manufacturers like GigaTera/KMW Korea, Philips Lighting China, Yankon LED and Signcomplex China, on LED product design and marketing strategies.


Through his Investor network raised significant funds to assist with product and branding launches in Europe and USA.


Further consulted Fortune 500 Brands, among others, IKEA, The Coca Cola Company, Miller/ Coors, Absolut Vodka, Smirnoff, Philip Morris Mexico, Swarovski and Ritz Hotels China, Bjorn Borg's Franchise Sweden, Hard Rock Cafe USA, BCBG Fashion, Starbucks and Diageo Liquor Brands.

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